BIND (named) server remidiation

Since I virtualised my old failing physical server into a VM, I have found it less and less easy to administer and maintain (read: configuration files).

So, I am looking and spinning up new Debian servers for more specific tasks, network services, games servers, file services etc.

The fist, and most important thing I need to migrate is DNS. That way I can have it simply running in parallel with the old, ready to essentially, stop the service (after making sure DHCP serves out this DNS IP address as well of course!).

Now, here comes the "clever" part or the goals of this approach (or so I thought):

  1. Install named.
  2. Configure it to be a slave for the existing zones
  3. re-configure it to be a master (complete with zone files)

Pretty simple right? Not so much. Well, thanks be to the 'Debian' way of doing things, it was very quick and easy to have a the zones slaved, but when I went to look at the files I was expecting, they where still empty, since I had created empty zone files to begin with.

Some poking around later and I discover that it is transferring the zones fine, but there was an issue with permissions for the zone files, or more specifically, the directory where they lived. A quick chmod -R 0777 /zone/file/directory later and a restart of the service, voila! Except.... something was not right...

The zone files seemed to be in a binary format as file would have me believe they were of type: data

I could have converted them back to plain text using the bind-tool named-compilezone(8) but, I couldn't commit my time to learning how to get the syntax correct for one small job, besides I learned that it is a crazy default in order to get a performance increase, however minuscule that would be given such a small DNS server implementation (for now).

So as per the article "Bind 9.9 – Binary DNS Slave file format" (linked above) or more authoratively as per the Chapter 6. BIND 9 Configuration Reference section of the BIND 9.9 Administrator Reference Manual (ARM) which states (incorrectly):

Specifies the file format of zone files (see the section called “Additional File Formats”). The default value is text, which is the standard textual representation, except for slave zones, in which the default value is raw. Files in other formats than text are typically expected to be generated by the named-compilezone tool, or dumped by named.

So, knowing this I edited /etc/bind/named.conf.options to include the following:

masterfile-format text;

Perfect. (Just like me ;-) I now have a duplicate of the zones served on the master server, which can, and will soon be decommissioned, not to mention the new servers zones getting a makeover with many many more zones as well as a dynamic-update zone - more to come on this soon.

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