failure to focus

I have confirmed that I can get the Raspberry Pi to connect to the ISP using PPPoE through a VLAN, however, I cannot (or rather my brain cannot) get the OpenWrt to accept traffic other then ICMP to/from the device itself (I probably need to understand iptables or I am overlooking something very simple).

I'm finding it extremely hard to focus and get the networking part of this lab working right now when I don't actually have a lab to do it on and when others in the household rely on internet so much including myself, when I need to refer to something while trying to troubleshoot and find a solution to this 'router-on-a-stick' model of networking to overcome the shortfall of the existing router.

I've also lost my 4Gb micro SD for which I was planning using for building a Bluetooth (A2DP) Audio receiver from the Raspberri Pi which is making me a little less than happy considering they are not as easy to come by due to the size and I will have to spend another $10 (effectively $20 now) in order to get one.

For now, I'm going to go watch something and try again later (including looking for the SD card).

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