Google Plus killed the technology blog

This may be the final entry in this and my other blogs.

I managed to painstakingly avoid using Facebook for many years, and instead waited patiently for Google to create it's social networking site, Google Plus (If you have never heard of Google+, I strongly urge you to go back to the rock you have so obviously been living under and/or go read some other non-technical site).

Ever since I have been active on Google+ (since soon after it's initial Beta period), have found it to be absolutely brilliant, if not addictive, and a far better medium to which I can expose my technical knowledge and findings to the masses.

This means that there is little or no time for the blog and I am almost positively confident of using one or more Google+ page(s) to replace this and most probably all of my other blogs.

Thank you Blogger for your great blogging service, but thank you so much more Google plus for finally giveing me what I (and so many other Google fans) wanted.

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