I have finally been able to purchase a neo freerunner from openmoko!

Due to the current market, the Australian dollar is really low compared to the US Dollar (1 USD = 1.62063 AUD). But I needed a phone real bad and I really, really really wanted this one because of it 99% open (as in open source) nature.

I'm preparing for the arrival of it by purchasing a 16Gb microSDHC card (as well as the fact that I have dfu-util installed from a gentoo overlay from some time ago).

I'm considering putting Debian onto an SD card for uBoot... maybe a little too nerdy but hey, I didn't buy this thing as a fashion accessory :P

UPDATE 13/11/2008 @ 16:01
Today I discovered a nifty hardware feature. The hone can operate without it's battery as long as it's plugged in via it's USB cable!!! See here

Also, I managed to get host USB working the other day too.

Due to the available distributions it's very hard to find one and stick with it as some have feature and/or bugs that other do/don't have. FDOM sounds like it's for me though.

There is nothing this phone can't do (that which I need it to) :D

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