bubs is dead

My server (named bubs after the homestarruner character of the same name) died today after a power spike/power outage.

I'm not sure if bubs actually caused the outage, but one thing is for sure: It ain't turning back on.

My initial thoughts are that the power supply was damaged in the surge, but until I can get a reliable unit to test it with, I won't know for sure.

I have an old PSU from a PII computer but I doubt that will work on an amd64-based motherboard.

I just prey that the motherboard is ok becase it's going to get expensive to rebuild with new parts...

Might need to overnight some parts (or at lease a PSU)...

UPDATE 06/09/2008 @ 14:36
Bubs is back online!
Seems that all I should have done is removed it from power for a few minutes, toggle the (PSU) switch, apply power and hit the machines power button.

Also a quick test proved that an old PII/PIII ATX PSU is capable of powering an ASUS A8V board. Who would have thought :P

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