Home Network Redesign

I think I may have the motivation to redesign my network for the following reasons:

  • Increased Security: Better Firewall solution
  • Increased Security: Segmented network design, allowing for More control with untrusted hosts such as:

    • internet (DMZ)
    • Wireless and
    • temp hosts (ie. LAN party ^_^).

  • Manageability: Implementing a secure routing protocol (RIP? maybe) may assist with network growth/changes
  • Gloating: Show off my 1337 net skillz to my friends :P

The most important aspect of this is the first point (increased security). It should also allow me to easily create a vpn endpoint onto my server for remote access (from outside the network) and for internet access from the wireless network... *hmmm* radius anyone?

This should help me un-lazy myself and develop (internal) dns zone(s) too...

Hopefully I can have the design done and implemented by the end of next UNI break!

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