Why Gentoo?

In response to Ben's Blog about the some topic, bellow is a culmination of my reasons for choosing this fantastic distribution.

I have found that most of the system is will organized and seems to adhere to a strict guideline of naming conventions and standards of which, most are documented on the official Gentoo documentation or the Unofficial Wiki

Minimalistic Approach
I have learned allot (more) about Linux in general since I started using this distribution. It's stage 3 install process not only seems like a "Linux from Scratch" but with this method you can install a base system for less disk cost that the latest Windows® Vista™ Service pack...

The ability to configure everything with text files is pretty mush a norm for any Linux distribution, but Gentoo has an edge in this area, as there are many command-line tools to assist with configuration such as: etc-update, rc-update, euse, equery, eselect and (lets not forget the almighty) emerge.

Genkernel is also a winner in my books too.

Sane (Simple) Package management
Emerge for me is by far the most powerful and easiest to use (once you understand the do's and don'ts) package management that I have ever come across. Being able to have packages a tweaked to my architecture, pre-configured and all dependencies met by typing one command is very important aspect for me.

Apart from these reasons above, I still stand most of my old arguments from a while back.

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