HOWTO: Encode single-file (CD) to FLAC with embeded CUE sheet

I finally remembered how to do it (hence the reason for bloging about it)

This is intended as a rough guide on how to do it manually (I am still looking into automating this process with abcde):

  1. Rip the audio CD as RW_RAW using cdrdao or some other program that can generate a compatible cuesheet and/or tocfile. I used the following command to do this (For more information on command syntax please read the cdrdao man page):

    cdrdao read-cd -v 3 --device=x,y,z --driver generic-mmc \
    --read-raw --read-subchan rw_raw --datafile image.bin \

  2. Convert your tocfile that was created in the previous step to a cuesheet (cdrdao comes with program 'toc2cue' that can generate a very simple cuesheet). If you already have a cuesheet, then move onto the next step.

  3. Encode the raw image. I used the following commandline to encode mine.
    flac --cuesheet=image.cue -8 image.bin --endian=big \
    --channels=2 --sign=signed --sample-rate=44100 --bps=16

    NOTE: The --sign and --endian options may differ for you (especially if you use PPC or something like that).

NOTES: the --ogg option doesn't seem to work when using the --cusheet option and flac exits with the following error (this will probably happen to you if you try to use that option as well):

image.bin: 100% complete, ratio=0.895
image.bin: ERROR during encoding

I have included my command-line usage for reference purposes only! So, don't come crying to me if you just copied and pasted those commands at it doesn't work!

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