Random Post #2

I used the Dell Support Request form for the first time and noticed that the fscking web application won't work with a standards compliant browser (Mozilla Firefox) *argh*

I am also starting to really dislike administering Windows servers at the moment because of weird user home directory permissions and active directory in general (replication times over frame really are soooooo sloooowwww!)

Not only, but also, I am in the process of migrating my DCSE to a self-managed account so that regardless of what company I work for, I will always have access to, and be able to manage my DCSE profile.

CLI-Tip #0001:

mstsc /v:server

This allows a user to quickly connect to a server running
terminal services (or a Windoes XP machine with remote
desktop configured) by specifying the name or IP address
on the command-line. Very handy for those that use
"rdesktop" alot :)

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