CIFS and Windows Server 2003

Today I had an incident this morning (which, as of the time of writing this, I am still working on) where a Windows XP machine decided to BSOD with the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.

Doesn't surprise me to see that the KB article above won't help me fix this issue as I found out a few hours later that there was a power surge from the night before!!!

So to fix this I (naturally) fired up a Linux distro (this time it was Knoppix

Next up I begin receiving this error when trying to connect to mapped network drives for storage of the recovered data using smbmount(8)...

    cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory
4650: protocol negotiation failed
SMB connection failed

Well, after about 5 minutes of pulling my hair out while googling for a solution, I found the answer!!! CIFS! I thought that smbmount(8) was broken (I've had some bad experience in the past) however it seems that if if you use CIFS instead it will happily connect to a Windows 2003 Server file share!!

Now if only I could get all this data recovered :P

Time to call Dell for a replacement HDD (gotta love their support) and purchase one in the interim...


Random Post #2

I used the Dell Support Request form for the first time and noticed that the fscking web application won't work with a standards compliant browser (Mozilla Firefox) *argh*

I am also starting to really dislike administering Windows servers at the moment because of weird user home directory permissions and active directory in general (replication times over frame really are soooooo sloooowwww!)

Not only, but also, I am in the process of migrating my DCSE to a self-managed account so that regardless of what company I work for, I will always have access to, and be able to manage my DCSE profile.

CLI-Tip #0001:

mstsc /v:server

This allows a user to quickly connect to a server running
terminal services (or a Windoes XP machine with remote
desktop configured) by specifying the name or IP address
on the command-line. Very handy for those that use
"rdesktop" alot :)


Cygwin is broken.. no wait! windows is!!

Well I was starting to wonder why my good 'ol mkisofs for windows (cygwyn port) was not working.

I'd had this issue such a long time ago but I forgot how to overcome it because I didn't have a blog back then and didn't bother to document any of the technical stuff I did (I'm also still lazy that I don't document these sorts of things, but instead I occasionally blog it here)

Anyways here goes:

I usually like to dump my command-line tools in %SystemRoot%\commands and seperate some of the bigger projects and utils that need additional libraries (cygwin is one of them) and throw them into seperate directories underneath that one and put all the path environment variables into windows so that everything just works... but it didn't :-/

I got some DLL entrypoint was not found error in cygevt__somethingorother so I thought "WTFOMG!!!11!!1 cygwin is broken!" I was only half right.... ...

I downloaded the latest cygwin base tarball, extracted it and I was having the same error. This didn't seem right it all! so I scoured the utils directories to see if one of them had a corrupt/bad version of cygwin... and lo behold! my cdrdao package directory had a fUxx0r3d version!!! (not only that I noticed that the directory it was in, was defined in the %PATH% environment variable before cygwin was!

... well not really :P

At least I have all my essential command-line unix-ported tools now on my windows box at work :)