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Genkernel makes Admin on a Linux system easy!

In one single step (genkernel all), Genkernel can:

  • Create a (custom-built) kernel (bzImage) from the latest sources.

  • Make kernel modules and install them.

  • Include all (custom) CHOST optimisations that are set in make.conf in your kernel

  • Minimise human error (ie. manually copying a kernel bzImage and forgetting to rename it or relink it etc).

Not only but also, genkernel keeps config files in it's own directory (/usr/share/genkernel by default) so that means I never have to worry about whether I copied the previous kernel .config file from /usr/src/linux before purging older kernel sources by running: emerge -Pa gentoo-sources

I recommend Genkernel not only to newbies but also to Linux pros that want to make kernel upgrades less of a troublesome task.

/hug Gentoo

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