Google Calendar Borked

I managed to bork my Google Calendar rendering the notifications/reminders feature unusable.

I only recently found out that you can only have notifications (reminders) for events that are in a primary calendar and the feature-lack was preventing me from being able to receive event notifications for a second Birthday calendar that I had made, so I decided to (backup) export my calendars, delete them and then recreate/rename them appropriately so that the Birthdays calendar was the primary and ...failed :P

Here is how I did it!

Step 1). Signed in.
Step 2). Exported all My Calendars to .ics (vCal) files via the private URL feature.
Step 3). Deleted ALL My Calendars (exept for the primary one).

Note: You cannot actually delete your primary calendar but you can delete all events.

Step 4). Created a new daily calendar for daily stuff (the only other calendar).
Step 5). Imported the Birthdays vCal file into the primary calendar and the everyday stuff vCal into the newly created one.

Both calendars now display an event notification icon in the top right-hand corner of the event, but only one calendar (the primary one) can actually edit notification info. It now fails to notify me of event reminders...

Earlier this afternoon I sent a small message off to Goggle to see if they can fix the problem, but I might have to get them to forciblly delete the primary calendar an/or delete the Calendar Service form my Gmail account.